Workshops in our herb garden

We are delighted to offer you two workshops at the herb garden in Egnach, TG:

- Die Kunst des Heilpflanzen Destillierens, 13.05.23 oder 03.06.2023, von 14. bis 16.30 Uhr

Feel free to download the flyer and contact us at or +41 79 250 07 96
Download Kräuter destillieren
Wild Herbs Walk

Unterwegs mit Désirée in der Region Zürich und mit Sabrina in der Region Romanshorn.

Sabrina geht im April freitags um 16.30 bis ca. 18 Uhr auf Kräuter Tour, Treffpunkt ist die Hafenstrasse 23 in 8590 Romanshorn

For more information, please contact us at +41 79 250 07 96 or
Download Kräuterspaziergang, Abtwil SG
Zeit für dich

Mit der Kraft der Natur für dich etwas Gutes tun. Zur Auswahl stehen dir die Aroma Öle, Blüten Essenzen oder Perspektive-Gespräche unterwegs im Wald. Weiter unten findest du Infos zu jedem Angebot. Generell bin ich montags und freitags gerne für dich da. Um einen Termin zu vereinbaren, melde dich unter +41 79 250 07 96 oder
Aroma Touch - a fragrant experience that brings you into balance

With AromaTouch, a variety of essential oils are applied to your back and feet - a scent-filled experience for your senses.
The treatment is a light-filled pleasure for children and adults. Dr. David K. Hill, D.C. of doTERRA developed this technique. Each essential oil in the AromaTouch method has been selected for its individual and powerful aromatic properties.
The AromaTouch method uses specific guidelines for both dosage and application, making it a safe and effective way to receive the full benefits of essential oils. The method is gentle and can be adapted to young or sensitive skin so that everyone can benefit.

Ort: auf Anfrage bei dir zuhause
Duration: approx. 50 min. + 10 min. resting time
Compensation: 90 Fr. in cash or by Twint
Book under +41 79 250 07 96 or
Counselling with Bach Flowers

In a conversation we look at your current situation and wishes and put together an individual Bach flower blend for you.

In 1930, the British doctor, Eduard Bach, discovered 38 blossoms of wild flowers, bushes and trees and described their effects. The flower extracts were named after him. The words from a Bach flower therapy book: "The system of 38 Bach flowers serves to give the personality the chance to overcome temporary negative moods in general, such as insecurity, jealousy, pusillanimity, etc., whose cause is a weakness of character. The aim is spiritual purification, self-knowledge, harmonious development and thus greater stability of the personality. (...) The Bach flower concentrates can therefore also be used to prevent physical illnesses and to support professional treatment, but they cannot replace it. (…)

The Bach flower concentrates I use are collected in the nature in Switzerland. They are boiled in spring water and preserved with alcohol. I have all 38 concentrates with me, which I mix as needed and fill into 30ml vials for use (e.g. for 1 month, take 4x4 drops daily).

Ort: nach Vereinbarung oder online via Skype
Duration: 1 hour
Compensation: 120 Fr. in cash or by Twint
Book under +41 79 250 07 96 or
Perspective Talk on the Path

Do you need someone to listen to you? I would be pleased to take a walk with you outside in nature. Depending on your wishes, we can make an evaluation of your situation and derive the next steps. Nature offers the ideal space for all your needs.

An open, confidential conversation that creates clarity, gets things flowing or brings relief. You decide what is right for you.

Treffpunkt: nach Absprache an einem Ort in der Natur
Duration: about 1 hour
Compensation: 90 Fr. in cash or by Twint
Book under +41 79 250 07 96 or