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The «S» label was created out of pure love and dedication to nature.

S - Explore your Nature

With our focus on health and sustainability, our creations range from seasonal fine foods to natural personal care. They should also inspire and encourage you to live a loving lifestyle.

The ingredients used are carefully selected, processed by hand and filled into glass packaging.

With passion, love and focus on a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle, we want to celebrate life. We can not wait to share this with you.

To give you a more concrete picture, below are a few guidelines for our work.

Our Philosophy

Our creations are made from precious raw materials if possible from close by, organically grown and fair trade.

Today we live with the privilege of being networked with the whole world. Communication and transport routes have become fast. We use this as a source of inspiration, for acquisition and as access to the best raw materials.

In our garden we experiment in order to get to know the signatures of the plants. We work with biodynamic recommendations.

Our packaging is reusable whenever possible.

Our work and communication style is transparent and fair.

We move at the rhythm of nature and trust that everything happens at the right time.

There is room for spirituality.

Feedback is always welcome.